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During this act colonists refused to buy tea unless it had been smuggled in. In Boston the colonists held a town meeting to try to get their Tea Agents to resign. This energy was greatest in Boston and the surrounding countryside, where British troops eyed the locals with suspicion. Some main topics discussed are: average people in historical events, how groups of people view the past, and how memories are shaped over time. The actual tea tax actually meant only political control of the Americans by the British, simply because the price of the tea would not change drastically. This new group was lead by Sam Adams and began in Boston. They hurt America more than they helped. This tax was not any better than the Stamp act. In the Tea Act was passed. The three British ships the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver were sitting in Boston harbor, their holds full of tea that wasn't being unloaded because the angry residents of Boston were threatened not to buy or use the tea. He was a well-known American patriot, which was a leader of the resistance to British policy before the American Revolution, throughout the colonies. Both the British and the colonists loved tea and it brought a substantial amount of money to the East India Trading Company. China, France, Italy, England, you name it. My topic for what I did was the Boston tea party, having to search original documents from people who wrote letters of the events happening at the Boston tea party. This event, which the colonists enjoyed but angered the British, was later referred to as the Boston Tea Party.

In the city of Charleston, the British tea would be placed in the warehouses and not sold to the colonists but rather would be kept there till it rotted. Search This Site. The colonies were young and small and Britain had been around for a long time and was the greatest nation at the time.

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Since Boston's tea would be more expensive nobody would buy it from them. The reason why the American colonies would not pay the taxes, tariffs and other payments to the British Empire was because they felt they should not pay to any country where they have no representation.

5 paragraph essay boston tea party

Young as he pulls information from two biographies written about Hewes. The East India Tea Company went bankrupt due to the dropping rate of tea sales in America because of the increasing rate of smuggling.

This was a tax on certain items imported from England including glass, tea, paper, and lead.

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One of the more important events was the Boston tea party. This paved the way for later profound protests and changed how society would view the social aspects of a revolution. There were many causes of the American Revolution and even though some contributed more than others at the end the outcome was the same: War. The original location of the Boston Tea Party no longer existed due to extensive landfills that destroyed the location. The Boston Massacre took place, which was one of the main sparks to help drive the Americans to start a revolution to help gain their freedom over the British. That's how it was for many merchants in Boston. In fact, it was way below the price charged by other tea companies. The controversy between the two always seemed to hinge on the taxes, which Great Britain required for the upkeep of the American colonies. As time went on many more English people went to the Americas to start a new life and for opportunities. Most history related books or articles used to focus on the elites but there were important figures who were of lower class

The Patriots were the people wanted to break away from the British. This event, which the colonists enjoyed but angered the British, was later referred to as the Boston Tea Party.

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The tea act was just another problem adding up between the colonists and britain. The chests held more than 90, lbs.

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The Boston Tea Party