A biography of moshe dayan an israeli general and statesman

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Who wrote this essay? While chief of staff of the Israeli armed forces —58he planned and led the invasion of the Sinai Peninsula. The IDF force consisted of paratroops and suffered 14 dead; 36 Egyptian soldiers were killed as well as two Palestinian civilians. The next year he formed the Telem party and was its representative until he died on October 16,with his wife and his daughter by his side.

In he was elected to the Ninth Knesset on the Labor party ticket, but continued to serve as foreign minister to the Begin administration until He was acclaimed a national hero for his part in the Sinai campaign against Egypt in On 3 Octoberhe was the commanding instructor for Haganah Leader's courses held at Yavniel when two British Palestine Police officers discovered a quantity of illegal rifles.

He was buried in Nahalal, site of the Dayan family farm. Questions were asked about how such a large force was arrested by a much smaller one.

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The Central Command Operation Instructions were more specific: "carry out destruction and maximum killings. Moshe Dayan was born in the kibbutz of Degania, Palestine, in When seeking approval for operations, Dayan downplayed the scale of the raids to get approval.

The General Staff order stated "temporarily to conquer the village of Qibya — with the aim of blowing up houses and hitting the inhabitants". Dayan was an advocate of a "harsh" policy along the border. On 30 Octobermost of the group were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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