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But although Calhoun's critical analysis was perceptive, his proposed solutions have not been regarded as serious contributions to the problem.

The Works of John C. Calhoun and American Democracy He denounced the Compromise ofwhich did not guarantee the right of Southerners to take their slaves into all territories of the Union.

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It provides an excellent introduction to the literature on Calhoun. It was his tragedy to be come the spokesman for the dying institution of slavery. You have been and will be missed. He served as chairman for Council from until , prior to that he was vice chair from to For a more critical account see Gerald M. During his time at Benedict, Caldwell also played football, baseball and track. He currently holds the record with Councilman Bill Waldrop for years of service. Political Career Calhoun was elected to the South Carolina Legislature in and 2 years later won election to the U.

A representative collection of essays by Calhoun scholars is John L. To examine the changing interpretations of Calhoun over the last century see the biographies by John S.

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The best one-volume biography, with a better interpretive balance, is Margaret L. He declared his candidacy in but withdrew to accept appointment as secretary of state for the last year of John Tyler's term.

He had a gracious manner, and Daniel Webster and others not his partisans paid tribute to his character and integrity.

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Thomas, ed. The poor South! I actually helped him to campaign when he was running for County Council. Calhoun said the U. We lived in the same district and had mutual friends and acquaintances. John C. Calhoun's shift from a national to a sectional position had virtually destroyed his chances for the presidency, but he continued to aspire to that office. Calhoun ; William M.

Constitution lacked the necessary restraints to prevent the majority from abusing the minority. John C.

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He argued the right of a state to "nullify" a Federal enactment injurious to its interests if the state believed the law to be unconstitutional. The social contretemps over Peggy Eaton was involved, but more important was Jackson's discovery that Calhoun had criticized his invasion of Florida in

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