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The series was never commissioned, but copies of Moore's detailed notes have appeared on the Internet and in print despite the efforts of DC, who consider the proposal their property.

The word plagiarism should only be applied to outright copying, and not to borrowing.

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The field of comics , formerly regarded as a more insidious threat to young minds and public morality than syphilis , has currently attained a level of propriety which it seems anxious to maintain. Writers, painters, directors and other artists create their work in communion with their environment. Many believe these illustrations channel Shuster's rage at losing his creations. Moving on. And if you want to write about something, then you must know it must understand it as fully as possible. We were True Believers. Iron Man traded in his gunmetal-grey juggernaut of a costume for the sleek red and gold affair that was gradually turned into the costume we know today. He was born in the Boroughs, an area that, he explains with relish, was a slum from the Middle Ages to the s.

Everything you could possibly require in life or death. Siegel and Shuster, from a very early stage, were public in their anger over having been deceived and cheated out of Superman and its related properties, though it was not until the groundswell of publicity surrounding the first Superman film in the s that, largely through the tireless work of, arguably, the real Batman co-creator Jerry Robinson, D.

Moore named this imprint America's Best Comicslining up a series of artists and writers to assist him in this venture.

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Without Stan Lee, you would not be reading this. Naturally, not all the scripts were that good, although if anyone had suggested that to me at the time I would have ripped their spine out and fed it to them an inch at a time.

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Watchmen is non-linear and told from multiple points of view, and includes highly sophisticated self-references, ironies, and formal experiments such as the symmetrical design of issue 5, "Fearful Symmetry", where the last page is a near mirror-image of the first, the second-last of the second, and so on, and in this manner is an early example of Moore's interest in the human perception of time and its implications for free will.

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Alan Moore’s Lost Stan Lee Essay