An evaluation of the economy of france

An evaluation of the economy of france

It has a modern business culture, sophisticated financial markets, strong intellectual property protections, and innovative business leaders. It is particularly useful for short-term analysis. As for the perception that French workers work far less than their counterparts in other countries, that is not always the case.

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Economic Policy Since the s, the government of France has favored capitalism and market-orientated policies. Prepared by our U. High tax burdens are particularly felt by small businesses. To finance its programs, the French government, like all others, has had to resort to increased taxation; but in France, a larger than usual proportion of this taxation has fallen on business, rather than on private individuals.

Recent developments in the French economy. Thanks to this, France has up to now managed to remain a major exporting nation and one of the top six economies in the world — though maintaining this position will not be easy, and France's manufactured exports are currently declining at an alarming rate.

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In addition, De Gaulle began the construction of a welfare state in France and established key institutions such as social security and works councils that remain today.

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The French economy