An evaluation of the the rise in truancy in the american school system

Members in the chronically truant class were more likely to use marijuana and engage in theft, drug sales and fighting than the other classes. In fact, the child poverty rate of Hispanic ELLs English language learners and Native American students were the most likely to miss three or more days of school Department of Education We distinguish by the number of school days students report having missed in the month prior to the assessment using five categories, from no days missed to more than 10 days missed over the month11 and we compare absenteeism rates across grades and across cohorts between andas available in the NAEP data.

chronic absenteeism in schools

As students miss school more frequently, their performance worsens. Given the prevalence of truancy and the negative implications for youth, schools, and society, the U.

These shares are significantly higher than the overall average rate of 1.

chronic absenteeism in elementary schools
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Chronic absenteeism: An old problem in search of new answers