Apocolypto movie review

Apocolypto movie review

Got an action scene to pep up? However, regardless of these notions, Apocalypto is a masterpiece, purely for its visceral impact and creation of a full-formed world that overloads the senses with its vivid, fever-dream-like atmosphere and truly unforgettable design. I have no problem with violence in films, and in fact the most distasteful scenes weren't intrinsicly violent, but I couldn't get the image of Mel Gibson masturbating in the back of the theater I saw an early screening that he personally introduced to the relentless misery of both the characters on screen and the people in the theater. But Gibson clearly believes otherwise. Truly great films are never immediately appreciated by critics or movie fans - it takes time. I didn't even notice it was subtitled. Conventional Hollywood thinking dictates that real money and success is to be made from thinking inside the box, and so it mostly is. For me, this interpretation makes a great deal of sense, with the opening sequences laying the foundation for Jaguar Paw's dream - as we are introduced to the ideas of family, loyalty, honour, death, fear and survival - and all represented by the image of the neighbouring villagers fleeing their homes and moving through the jungle as if escaping some foreboding evil; perhaps a foreshadowing to the plague subtext that will appear later? Among other gruesome moments, he finds himself in a massive pit full of rotting, decapitated corpses. In slow-motion, we watch every detail of a man's throat being slit.

Warriors under the command of the vicious Zero Wolf slaughter most of the villagers but take some men and a few women captive. Gibson's primary flaws as a filmmaker--his vanity and tendency to bully--are both held in check, the first by his absence from the film, the second by its setting, a political context so distant from ours that it might as well be Middle Earth.

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Here we have arrows and spears puncturing flesh, beating hearts ripped from twitching bodies, brain matter exposed by an axe blow and a man having his face gnawed by a furious she-jaguar. Yes, Nicole Kidman as the head of an antiterrorist task force is a bit of a stretch.

His jockish sense of humour is also evident in the early scenes where he depicts the everyday life of Jaguar Paw and his fellow villagers. What was Gibson thinking?

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Unexpectedly escaping this terrible fate, Jaguar Paw spends the rest of the movie trying to save his pregnant wife, Seven Dalia Hernandez , and young son, whom he hid from the marauders in an empty well. Whatever problems you might have with Gibson, from his personal politics to his previous work, there is no denying the determination of his vision, or the sheer sense of daring and imagination in attempting to pull off a project of this size and pitch; taking elements of an already well-documented real life civilisation and abstracting it for the purposes of dramatic tension, to create a once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience that genuinely takes us to a world that we've never before experienced on film. For good reason. In Braveheart, in particular, he was so concerned with according himself every masculine virtue that he didn't realize some are incompatible: You can't be both forever faithful to your wife and a ladies man who gives the pretty princess the night of her life. This movie held me on the edge of my seat from its beginning til the end credits. Sign in to vote. Fox News reviewer Marty Friedman is representative of many when he calls the film a "two-hour-plus torture-fest. Dozens of heads can be seen impaled on spikes surrounding the temple, as well as piled in basins at the bottom of the stairs. In , Gibson made a very foolish and shallow film about Jesus, which seemed chillingly to endorse the Judeophobia of that traditional, reactionary Catholicism associated with his father, a notorious Holocaust denier. His barely clothed wife bolts out, too, and pours water on her mouth, implying that they'd been having oral sex.

We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Advertisement If you're tired of watching the same action movie over and over again and you've never seen "Apocalypto", I heartily recommend that you do.

He even squeezes in a mother-in-law gag or two for good measure.

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It is full of naked corpses. But all of that is still just a prelude. Men, women and children are clubbed, pummeled and speared to death. Just one thing nagged at me, kept my rating so low. Yet for all Gibson's sanguinary attentions, Apocalypto does not fetishize suffering. There are vanishingly few subplots or discursions and those that exist are often dropped: The orphaned children of the village, for instance, are heartbreakingly portrayed at the beginning of the film and then essentially forgotten; wouldn't they have gone back to the village and found Jaguar Paw's wife? In terms of narrative, though, Apocalypto is highly conventional — right down to the plot-holes. Jaguar Paw's escape marks the beginning of the third act of major violence. Apocalypto surpasses The Passion in every way as a movie about pain, flagellation and wounding. Went into without watching the trailer or reading any reviews. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.
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Apocalypto Movie Review