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In Person If you prefer not to submit your information online, you can also apply in person for a moving house redirect at a local post office. A: The purchase price is determined by many factors, including financial performance, location, in-conjunction business and other factors.

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Size of any in conjunction business Income from post office part of the business Income from the other part of the business Size of premises Contents of disclosure document Number of PO Boxes let There is no territory with a post office licence, nor is there a term to the Licence.

All of them provide services to both individuals and businesses. Complete the necessary form. I have done this every time I move, for the following reasons: 1 It gives me the chance to update my postal details, in my own time.

Of course, you could use a PO box to receive your mail — for a fee — but you still need someone to collect your mail from time to time, unless your travels take you past your PO box every once in a while. As you receive mail during the months to come, create a list and set aside time each week to any previously missed.

Redirecting mail is just one of the many steps in our complete moving house checklist. Very large text size Scrawling "return to sender" on past residents' mail is getting old, writes Meena Evers.

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After you have informed the post office of your intent to move, the next item on your moving house mail checklist is to update your address with individuals and businesses utilities providers for example that regularly send you mail.

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