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Located right across from the 16th Street Baptist Church where the infamous bombing took place, this institute takes you on a journey through some of America's roughest and triumphant times. In the heart of the Civil Rights District, this institute should be the first stop on anyone's visit. I saw a review that said "every American should go here. The history of the civil rights movement is chronicled in a tasteful and professional manner at the Institute, located in the middle of where it all occurred in Birmingham. You don't really really know what it means until after you left this museum. You need to see how classrooms look and feel different when you are not privileged. If you only have time to see one thing in Birmingham, let it be the Civil Rights Institute. I definitely could have spent much more time here and still not covered everything. There's street parking all around the building and the park across the street.

There are men and women today who were a part of this brave movement. The museum is also a good place to have lunch. The curation of the museum is amazing and walks you through a journey of the civil rights movement.

A man who raped untold slaves and who had such disgusting views about black people, that I don't even want to repeat them.

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You've probably read the Letter from a Birmingham Jail before. The exhibits ends in the modern era and current civil rights struggles.

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On Christmas night ina bomb was planted under the parsonage where he and his family lived. We had just visited the 'new' civil rights museum at the Lorraine Hotel where MLK was assassinated when we were in Memphis, Tennessee, and didn't love it.

I'm so moved we had such an influential and powerful person inspire change in our country. Especially Ms.

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