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This style is a direct descendant of devotional dances performed in the temples of South India from the tenth century to the middle of this century.

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We can see many sculptures of Temples having Bharatnatyam Postures. Bharatanatyam is among the oldest of the classical dance forms in the country with a history that goes back more than two thousand years. It was one thing that made me love being Indian.

Bharatanatyam constitutes three primary ingredients of dancing which includes bhava or mood, raga or music and melody and tala or timing. They would perform the dance daily at the time of worship or on festive occasions.

Importance of bharatanatyam

Bharatnatyam originated from Tamil Nadu and we can see many sculptures in the temples that have Bharatnatyam Postures. Bharatanatyam, as the name depicts is the combination of: 'Bha' - Bhavam means expression , 'Ra' - Ragam means music , 'Ta - Talam means beat or rhythm and Natyam means dance in Tamil. This set is called margam. The technique of Bharatanatyam classical dance consists of 64 principles of coordinated hand, foot, face and body movements which are performed to the accompaniment of dance syllables. Though the series of changes from the Baroque concerto grosso to the Classical concerto were gradual and cannot be attributed to a single composer, the Piano Concerto No. The highly cultivated art of Bharatanatyam has been handed down over the centuries by teachers called nattuvanars and ritualistic dancers called devadasis, in the temples of south India. The temple has been a major center for Bharatanatyam since about CE. This kind of music has many fans, especially among circles of intellectuals Bharata Natyam is a concoction of complex rhythm patterns, dozens and dozens of hand movements, several graceful body moves and postures, and, perhaps most importantly, a dazzling variety of precisely drawn facial expressions. We can found the origin of the Indian music which is based on the Vedas this is the popular place of the Indian music from where the traditional music was started. Today Bharathantiyam in India is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles and is practiced by male and female dancers all over and even around the world. Of particular interest in this concerto is the treatment of sonata form in the first movement

But nowadays, it is performed by two or more people. It is now the most popular Indian classical dance and is appreciated worldwide.

An important thing all Bharatnatyam dancers wear is anklets. Nevertheless, Bollywood dance takes inspiration from Indian folk and classical dances such as; Bharata natyam, Kathak and Bhangra blended with western contemporary and hip-hop.

Her face has conventional makeup, eyes lined and ringed by collyriumwhich help viewers see her eye expressions. About three millenniums ago, Bharata wrote an exhaustive treatise on the three "plastic" arts of India: music, dance and drama. The roots of abhinaya appear in the Natyashastra text, which defines drama in verse 6.

The Indian music has the demand in the all over the world and they promote their music in the international level as well as used their traditions in it The music is lighter, the chant intimate, the dance emotional.

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“Indian Classical Dances; Bharatanatyam the Elite Form”