Bju english 4 writing and grammar games

The idea being that children learn the roots of words to better understand larger words they come across.

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Students who need more practice in cursive are encouraged to develop this skill at home. Word Study: Megawords 5 Megawords is a research based program in word study, spelling, vocabulary and reading fluency.

Students will practice literary criticism while learning about world cultures and important historical periods through reading excellent literature in a variety of genres.

It is important that students not only understand the events of the past, but the significance of how those events affect their own lives. Age-appropriate introductions to science, social studies, hand-writing, phonics, and reading are integrated into the curriculum.

Punctuation and other grammatical conventions are also taught. This is a clever book in which the student acts as a news reporter writing for the editor of a newspaper.

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The selections are sequenced logically for readability and skill progression to help all students succeed. It is indenpendent - for the most part.

What I loved with this golden little nugget, is that I could take any of the copywork I needed the kids to do.

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It also includes scripture based booklets, character building booklets, science based booklets and more. After that we moved all of our kids onto the Master Reader program - also highly reccomended. Students develop science process skills by participating in hands-on activities and projects.

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