Case studies for nursing students

maternity case studies for nursing students

Some of the case studies were assigned with grades given, and some were formative. They led discussions regarding the three questions they asked the class, which were a mixture of thought-provoking questions and factual questions specific to nursing care.

Carol had a term for instructors who adhered to a traditional lecture format in their didactic course and never varied their pedagogies: the talking head.

Nursing case studies: 15 med-surg case studies for nursing students

The case study can be individualized for each student depending on his or her progress. One variable that could have influenced the results of this study was an inaccurate reporting of pedagogies by each participant during the interview process. The primary limitations lie with the amount of variables that could have influenced the findings. According to the participants within this investigation, it was the transfer of responsibility for learning from teacher to learner that was evident when case studies were implemented. An unfolding case study requires a student to evaluate and reevaluate a situation by synthesizing the provided information as it follows a natural progression. Research question 2 How do effective nurse educators perceive that case studies enhance learning at a higher level of cognition? He also reports a similar but less intense discomfort after eating a big meal. The logical first step was to examine effective nurse educators in action. Nurse C stated she was not running a fever and her sputum was thick and green in color.

The patient's condition stabilizes and the situation then focuses on psychosocial concerns. Using these case studies can enhance and improve a student's clinical decision making.

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Social History He lives with his wife. Your job is to diagnose the condition and suggest treatment options. Often, the conclusion must speak to the significance of the results of a study.

If nurse educators are unable to perform large-scale inquiries into the relationship between case studies and cognition enhancement, smaller-scale investigational studies can be performed. The reasons cited for this successful transfer were that student nurses learn to analyze systematically complex situations in a safe environment classroom and are able integrate the knowledge into their future practice as nurses with greater ease, which relates to the concepts of metacognition and critical thinking.

Each of the participants was aware of the research supporting the use of these informal cases studies, which are analogues to personal experiences of the educators. The patient was a year-old patient who was left a paraplegic following a motor vehicle accident.

Examples of pediatric case studies for nursing students

Carol utilized outside of the classroom assignments in a slightly different manner. According to Dana, the sharing of real-life examples provided examples of how nursing care constantly changes; she used her old nursing stories to stress the importance of staying current with academic nursing journals and evidence-based practice. How to Write a Nursing Case Study Essay May 26, - Posted to Study Lots of non-nursing students have the mistaken notion that nursing students do not have to write a lot. Learning how to write a conclusion for a nursing essay can be a bit challenging and will take some practice. It began as a tightness that was similar in nature to the episodes he ahs been experiencing lately. Nurse A had been prescribed Hydrocodone for a back injury. One example of a case involved a Hispanic male who did not speak English, lived 70 miles away from the nearest hospital, and had to depend on family members for transportation. Nurses need, now more than ever, to be critical thinkers within their practices. Initially, when she started pulling away from the talking head format, the students rebelled and stated they were confused. Such experts will be familiar with the style, tone, formatting, and terminology and can make quick work of your write-up.
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Case Studies for Nursing Students