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Doing a research paper on ufc A form of personnel combat in order to settle a variety of issues ranging from honor, rank, disputes and or overall prizes to the victor.

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One of the areas that will be focused on is the Economic area. In document 1 by Pope Urban II, he stated that the Christians in the west should defend their fellow brethren in the east. Their purpose was proclaimed by the papacy in reclaiming Jerusalem from heretics Saracens and gentilesas well as surrounding areas which compromised the Holy Land.

The crusades were the one thing that brought Western Europe out of the crusades After Rome fell Western Europe had lost their civilization There were several motivations behind the Church calling for the Crusades.

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After the Crusades halted, various trade routes opened up between Eastern and Western cities. In a hypocritical argument, defenders of the Crusades unconditionally condemn Islam for attacking Christendom, but wholeheartedly condone Christendom for attacking Islam in the same way. This would suggest that the Crusades were primarily an endeavour intended to promote Christian expansionism through the acquisition of both territory and religious converts. But the greatest threat came from the forces of Islam. Monastic Reform, Catharism, and the Crusades. Western Europeans loathed Muslims ruling the Holy Land, particularly of the holy places of Palestine Religion was highly important during the Middle Ages, as Christianity spread extensively throughout Europe, Catholicism was the sole Christian faith that this time and the Roman Catholic Church was influential to Christians as it spread throughout Europe The first Crusade being in , the second from , the third from , the fourth in , the fifth in , sixth from , the seventh from , and eighth in This paper aims at investigating the motivating factors and some positive and negative of consequences the crusades. In spite of the significant body of scholarship on this crusade, and the extensive documentation from medieval sources, many elements of the First Crusade still are debated or remain uncertain. Evaluate their outcomes.

Happening between andthe first crusade was both a military expedition and a mass movement of people with the simple goal of reclaiming the Holy Lands taken by the Muslims in their conquests of the Levant. The Crusades arose out of feudal society in the eleventh century, offering crusaders freedom adventure and a possible economic gain.

In this paper I will be discussing the events that lead up to the first in a long line of crusades. These three religions were Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and all three religions were known to use Jerusalem as a place of religious reasons.

Other than that they are oblivious to the true facts. After the Crusades halted, various trade routes opened up between Eastern and Western cities.

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Goss, Vladimir P. Artists from different traditions met in the city of Jerusalem, with, for example, Syrian goldworkers on the right of the market near the Holy Sepulcher, and Latin goldworkers on the left Conder It also determines that whether the Crusades advanced the cause of Christ and whether they were representative of a Christian worldview. Specifically, power struggles developed between the Roman church and various groups such as non-believers, Muslims, kings, and even common people all throughout the High Middle Ages. Based upon the documents, the Crusades between and were caused primarily by religious devotion rather than by the desire for economic and political gain. The time of the story that we see is based between the second and third crusade. In recent years historians have learned more information about the first four crusades. There where four groups formed. The Catholic Church benefited from the Crusades in certain ways As communications through Central Europe improved, and Italian trade in the Mediterranean increased, more Western European people than ever before could journey or make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and seek penance for past sins. Hamilton, Bernard.

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