Cultural diversity and health traditions essay

This series is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Generations, 25, Behaviors of ancestors become the behaviors of generations to come while healthy eating habits of cultures, maintains the health of individuals Wilson, J.

diversity in nursing essay

Recruit and retain minority staff 3. I would like to share thoughts concerning the complexities involved in caring for people from diverse cultural background; I came from different country myself.

Examples of health beliefs and practices

Marcinkiw, K. These limitations may lead to faulty diagnoses, unnecessary laboratory testing, medication-related errors, decreased adherence to therapy, or missed opportunities for early detection and preventive measures. Betancourt, J. Westerman, T. Increasing culture diversity promotes growth and success in many ways for the United States. The new Other Popular Essays. Collins, K. Strategies that you can use in working with patients from different cultures as displayed in Table My understanding of whole Health care system in Australia was a lot different from past experience in my country of origin. The interests and honor of the family are more important than those of individual family members. Diversity programs need to be a reflection of the organizational culture.

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Essay on Cultural Diversity and Health Traditions