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Increase in equality: According to a study conducted, it was stated that a dual career couple have better balance in their relationship, understanding and more advanced in solving problems for each other, than any normal couple.

Each one of them is satisfied about their work life but it puts the two into long-distance relationship. Poloma, Role conflict and the married professional woman, In C.

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In contrast, individuals with anxiety attachment styles are hyperactive, continuously seeking and attempting to maintain partner proximity. This type of situation is known as trailing spouse. As b there is a developmental sequence to jobs, which involves more and more women seek increased education and training the progression toward personal goals and achievements, even couples by an increased demand for skilled professionals and if it emerges only retrospectively; and c the work requires a a greater awareness of sex role equality, the dual income high degree of commitment and involvement [4]. Schiebinger, A. Each one of them is satisfied about their work life but it puts the two into long-distance relationship. Difficulties for couple coming from familiar background: Spouses having different education, working skills and career advancement have very fewer problems as they have less difficulty in getting job at the same place or same organization. If the partners decide to communicate with each other on a regular basis and ensure that both of them get to receive physical and emotional needs then it is very possible that the partners will continue to live a happy working and private life. Instead, the couples simply accepted that commuting was necessary and then discussed what the details of the impending separation would entail. A study carried out with dual-career with at least one afternoon of personal or family time. Thus, it is recommended to use both of them. Avoidant and anxious attachment style individuals who are involved in long-distance relationships perceive their relationship as lower quality than avoidant and anxious individuals in geographically close relationships. Such an understanding should make it easier for HRD and must have strong communications to maintain the level of specialists to design programs that are appropriate to their output expected by the employer. But when women work out of husband may have career in which he is committed to advance necessity or out of choice the family structure is likely to be himself. Thus increase in expectations brings about worsening of personal relation. Related Papers.

One partner usually compromises by taking a less desirable job so that the other can take a position that might further his or her career.

Lack of closeness: As the partners lives in different far places it makes it obvious that the partner after some initial days start to feel the lack of togetherness since to get to see each less and less with every passing day.

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The demands of childrearing, resources. Specifically, dismissing-avoidant individuals have a positive self-worth, but have a negative view of the partner, and prefer low emotional involvement. Stress is anything that causes a change in your body. This will help and family time. On the one hand, it offers more flexibility practices that will be more flexible and friendly. The literature suggests that dual-career couples are increasingly Part-time work arrangements are presented as the third viable interested in negotiating work arrangements which will reduce option. Thus, it is recommended to use both of them.

Nielsen, The rise of the dual-earner family:career of the spouse. First, the division of labor should be discussed and made clear to both spouses, so it each individual's expectations are apparent.

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On the other hand, occupationally before having children for this reason [19], demands of their respective careers may conflict with [12], [4]. Bryson Eds.

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