Essay about ethnic conflicts

These form the systemic variables that predominantly determine the non-identity civil wars.

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Conflict as a social phenomenon was first studied in the writings of Georg Simmel, G. Other countries with fewer cultural differences have been torn apart by the conflicts that arise between these differing groups.

Essay about ethnic conflicts

Any ethnic tension or outbreak of violence will go against their economic interests and therefore, over time, the salience of ethnic identity diminishes. Elements of common culture include language, religion, laws, customs, institutions, dress, music, crafts, architecture, and even food. Third is a ceasefire and lastly, comes the post agreement. Some of the individuals were from different areas of the world. Power-sharing models that take differences and external changes into account are the only way to deal with these issues. Both sides harbor antagonistic social perceptions against each other. The Sudanese civil war between the Arab-Muslim north and the Christian-Animist-African south, for example, is the longest and deadliest civil war in the second half of the 20th century. Group rivalry can lead to military mobilization, which leads to general armament of all ethnic groups within the state. Formal inter-ethnic associations[ edit ] However, in cities, where the population tends to be much higher, informal interactions between ethnic groups might not be sufficient to prevent violence. In , we believed a democratic transition would create a bright and prosperous future for Nigeria. By the use of an elaborate quantitative literature, Nicholas Sambani shows that large-scale political violence coupled with political and economic determinants are the key determinants of civil war.

A number of political scientists argue that the root causes of ethnic conflict do not involve ethnicity per se but rather institutional, political, and economic factors.

According to the U. Kosovo is part of a region known as Western Balkans, which was of course also known as the former Yugoslavia.

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The Kosovar Albanian rebel forces were convinced that if they could provoke the Serbs to attack ethnic Albanians, the international community would intervene on their behalf and thus facilitate their goal of independence.

There are many factors that go with all of reasons above including race, language, and shared history.

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Therefore, the humanitarian organizations have increasingly stressed the need for the international community to embrace principles of human rights, diversity, good governance and participation when responding to situations of insecurity and violent conflict Botha, However, as history shows, these power-sharing arrangements are often very difficult to achieve. In The Geography of Ethnic Violence, Monica Duffy Toft shows how ethnic group settlement patterns, socially constructed identities, charismatic leaders, issue indivisibility, and state concern with precedent setting can lead rational actors to escalate a dispute to violence, even when doing so is likely to leave contending groups much worse off. Ethnic identities are adaptable to and activated by unexpected threats and new opportunities. The Rock Springs were the many people who blamed the Chinese for the lack of availability for jobs. Ethnic conflict arises if ethnic groups compete for the same goal—notably power, access to resources, or territory. This multidimensional approach can be used in the achievement gap debate Being different from normal immigrants, these people are actually forced to leave their homeland.
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