Essay on fashion a craze

Short essay on craze of fashion among youngsters

Image Source: farabale. On the other hand, girls like boy-cut hair and boyish look. However, fashion is an imaginative and never-ending process. Girls wear whatever their favorite heroines wear. Fashion has permeated all spheres of our life. In order to have sync with the western culture, people in India follow the western culture and alter themselves with the lifestyle of the foreigners. Drinking is also considered as a symbol of modern society and high fashion. They run after the new showy and eye-catching dresses. Finally after all the wait, craze, rumors and excitement, Apple iPhone is now available in India across markets. Some of them imitate the way of life, speech, manners and actions of the film stars. Sometimes, poor parents are burdened with fashion bills. Some others adopt the latest trend in their speech and manner.

No culture is good or bad. Modern Indian movies are not far behind in making its impact on young minds.

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In fact simplicity is the best fashion, If students pursue fashion at the cost of their education, they will be left behind in their studies. There is an instinct in man to look like hero.

Essay on fashion a craze

They even imitate the way of life, speech, manners, actions, clothes, hair-styles of their favorite foreign actors and actresses. Some people feel happy wearing fashionable dresses. Fashion design and technology is the order of the day. They have never rested on their past moments nor they have felt contented with the possibilities of the present. The costumes worn by these Indian women are a blending of both western and Indian wear. Some of them see a film to copy the latest fashion. Fashion parades and shows are held In big five star hotels to exhibit the latest dresses. Fashion should be promoted to enrich our life. Young students, whether boys or girls, are crazy about it they want to look smart and beautiful by wearing dresses of the latest designs.

There is no harm in changing fashions but excess of everything is bad. Drinking affects the health adversely. Late night parties in discos are common now a days because they are the latest fashion to enjoy with friends and if you are not happy going there but you still have to because your friends will take you to be old fashioned.

Article on fashion and modern youth

His mother remarried and Newton was left in the care of his grandparents. Latest hairstyles, clothes and footwear are demanded by the people every time. Fashion and modeling have generated a great enthusiasm among young people for physical fitness. Today fashion designing and technology is an established branch of human knowledge, science and practice. Girls move freely in new fashion like butterflies. They run after the new showy and eye-catching dresses. India is a diverse nation in terms of cultural groups and languages. In India fashion industry is now booming. People believe what they see on TV, read in newspapers and magazines, about the latest diets promising large amounts of weight lose. Fashion is also influenced by glossy, colorful and eye0catching textile advertisements, fashion shows, and by articles in the fashion magazines etc. No doubt fashion spreads like wild fire especially when fashion critics hail any new design as ultra modern. They have never rested on their past moments nor they have felt contented with the possibilities of the present. They have made it a fashion to run down their elders. Girls move freely in new fashions like butterflies.

One can see a number of boys and girls sitting in college restaurants and enjoying a smoke.

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Fashion: the Craze Among Youth Essay