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National integration can be said to have come when the people have feelings of togetherness and unity on the one hand and desire to build a strong and united country without one owns cultural, social and economic interests on the other. This will bring the people closer and promote national unity. Political power should not be used to promote party ends. In , state of emergency was lifted and elections were held in the country as a result of which Janata government came to power. The people should feel satisfied with the solution of those problems at the provincial levels. It was because the parties promoted casteism, regionalism, etc. It is psychological and educational process which is based on feelings of unity and cohesion among the minds and hearts of the people. In the words of Prof. There was a scene of perfect national integration.

There is no denying that internal integrity is the most important element for the survival of any nation and for all times. Essay on the Meaning of National Integration: By national integration what is meant is that divisive forces should be contained and national and public interests should be kept above everything else.

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Membership of this organisation was thrown open to all communities and people possessing any political ideology. Fissiparous tendencies and disintegrating forces became active and tried to get roots. The provincial governments should have proper powers to solve their problems.

Inthere were riots in Delhi in which several houses were burnt and properties looted. After reading this essay you will learn about:- 1. Instate of emergency was lifted and elections were held in the country as a result of which Janata government came to power.

On 16th October,Standing Committee of National Integration Council appealed to all political parties and the press that they should launch a campaign against communal hatred.

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They never talk about Pakistan in which lies their province or town. It was felt that in case these were not timely checked, there was every danger that these might become of serious magnitude.

Also, it caused distrust between all people in India.

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The main idea of this organisation was to check forces of communal and national disunity and to bring about unity and understanding among all communities. When no solution could be found out, these delegates left the organisation. Secondly, we should give proper chances to the provinces to develop their own languages and cultures. These bodies should regularly and periodically meet and review the situation. The Council felt that for communal imbalances removal of social and regional imbalances was necessary. The barrier of social clog can be toppled through free and large scale marriages among the various ethnic groups. In the words of Dr. Again stress was laid on mass campaign to end communalism. As many as thirty-seven delegates felt that it had been so formed that communalism would get respectability and refuge. The strongest bedrock of integration and unity is religion. The Conference viewed with considerable seriousness the growing power of disintegrating forces and appealed to all political parties as well as the press to discourage communal ill will as well as check the rise of forces which encouraged casteism, regionalism and communalism. It decided that integration committees should be set up at district level, with which prominent local leaders should be associated. Essay on National Integration and India: India became free in under very peculiar circumstances. Firstly, we should all act on the principles of our religion. The Biradri was also unwilling to declare some parties as communal and thus to exclude them from the organisation.

Such a wide range of cultures, customs, religions, and languages only enriches the country and allows it to flourish but only provided that in this country reigns eternal peace and unity of people.

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Essay on National Unity and its Importance