Essay questions on i know why the caged bird sings

The title is a reference to a poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. Comment on Angelou's view of women and their ability to cope with poverty, hunger, sickness, rejection, powerlessness, alienation, job discrimination, self-criticism, and social ostracism.

Additionally, Mrs. The connections between them is what I will focus on.

i know why the caged bird sings purpose

Alternatively, the hustle and bustle of the two big cities can make them overwhelming places to live, unlike quiet and idyllic Stamps. In fact, the characters themselves can be viewed as metaphors of society; not just the institution.

Essay questions on i know why the caged bird sings

Momma, or Annie Henderson, the parental grandmother, also plays an important role for Maya. Anger, depression, self loathing and many more mental problems affects a child who have been sexually abused; this takes away the innocence and childhood of a child. For if there is light, darkness is unable to exist. Maya Angelou was Both explanations have credence. We recognize its violence. Lie Marguerite there are many who have troubles. Additionally, Mrs. Maya moves a couple of times to different places, which may contribute to her not having friends. Bertha Flowers. Another way that this theme is shown throughout the book is the way that she words things in the beginning, vs the way that she words things in the end. It takes Maya even longer to realize her own beauty, but she finally does on the day of her lower school graduation. But, the dress turns out to be drab and ugly, as Maya laments that she is black, and unattractive as well. In these novels, the protagonist is a heroine who grows throughout the novel into a strong and independent woman

When she moves to San Francisco from Stamps, Arkansas, she is skipped a grade. Communication which ultimately led to discussion. Why do white people seem un-real to Marguerite. Her mother makes her a special Easter dress from lavender taffeta, and Maya thinks the dress will make her look like the blond-haired blue-eyed movie star that she wishes, deep down, to be.

Maya wants the world to hear her sing through her poetry She notices that their attitudes depend on the time of day. She was a dignified person that Maya could strive to achieve the gratitude that Mrs. Bertha Flowers, a person in which Maya respected greatly

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essay