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Discuss How is the structure of Women of Troy used to convey its meaning? Euripides showed his interest in psychology in his many understanding portraits of women 'World Book'; Euripides and Kalidasa have some of the best known literary works in their respective cultures and throughout the world.

Dionysus proved this by being utterly brutal and relentless Book 6 of the Iliad illustrates that the ultimate glory is to fight for the city with no regard to the impact on the family.

In the Trojan wars, the Trojans suffered great losses while the Greeks did not suffer.

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All of these examples help to explain the full extent of the barbarianism present in these Greek leaders. This is untrue, but it is a very good example of Helen's gift for manipulation. During the Agamemnon, large proportions of the Queen's words are justifications for her action, which is very much concerned with the sacrifice of Iphigenia to the gods, in order for the fleet to set sail for Troy

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The Trojan Women Essay Questions