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It was far more common to find elements of popular culture permeating aristocratic culture and, in exchange, popular culture appropriating aristocratic themes Arthurian legends, for instancethan one might think Laroque Harriet Hawkin in Classics and Trash 16for instance, investigated the presence of canonical 19th century novels in twentieth-century popular fiction, suggesting that the relationship between these supposed levels of culture is much more complex, arguing that popular culture is not a parasite on the classics, and that culture in general is not simply stratified between classics and trash.

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So, that was sort of the germ of it. The consideration of a sense of common purpose between art and business is a different path to the traditional animosity between culture and industry. A branch of this view sets popular culture as dependent upon wide approval from and identification with a large audience, as opposed to high culture which demands reverence and distance, and disregard its entertainment value or the size of its audience. And that's enough, you know, that's enough for them to seize power and to make their rise. This was hardly as jarring as it might be today. One of its main assets lies on its capacity to build a sense of community within the audience and with the actors, albeit temporarily. Which I just recently saw. Shakespeare, like other playwrights, was aware of the mentality and expectations of his audiences and was constantly playing with and responding to them. It's just Heart of Darkness, but it's set in this-it's a cool Vietnam War alternate universe re-telling. A popular theatre in this sense would have to speak to the people in the same language as them, representing and giving voice to their own fears and joys. It's like if at your theater that saying that gets people in, do it. This has been fantastic. How is that opposed to high culture? Did you not go back to the original or did you consult with, did you have an ongoing conversation with it? And people will have whatever response they have to it.

More often than not, new festival dates coincided with the old Catholic calendar; sometimes the nature of the celebration was kept and was merely transferred to other dates; or names and reasons were simply changed.

Who decides what belongs to each category? Afterthe things that everyone knows about and you can sort of grab and run around with are increasingly rare and it's something that so many people are familiar with and… it's like a national park kind of.

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And almost to cut it down, cut art down to size. Why don't I hire some actors and they'll perform something for the suspected murderer and we'll see if that's a way of solving my problems?

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Generally speaking, popular practices were often linked with hedonism and heathenism. One of the forces that have produced other facets of Shakespeare in our time is popular culture. You can go and you can take your dog there and you can throw a Frisbee at it. At the same time, some filmmakers consider the language to be secondary to the plot or the emotional core of the plays. Let her be dead. But in this study, I will be focusing on one of the many elements present in culture, the artistic expression through theatre in specific contemporary contexts, discussing how they relate to notions of high and popular culture. It'd be weird. These interpretations tell us about different cultures and histories, and just occasionally we see a film that casts new light on old stories. What emerges is a highly captivating re-working of Macbeth, presenting images of great force and beauty in a way only cinema can.

He did not exist in a vacuum, but was irrevocably tied to the theatre company, theatre practices, acting practices and social circumstances of his era. The anthropological concept also provides space for dialogue and negotiation, since it involves the accommodation of practices in groups, not just individually, where identities and differences are expressed.

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What was your motivation in adapting Hamlet? The timing is important — it begins to explain why these films were made, and how they were intended to be seen.

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The consideration of a sense of common purpose between art and business is a different path to the traditional animosity between culture and industry. So, instead of witches, we have these hackers, these computer geeks who hang out in the wi-fi cafe all day. It questioned and destabilised the established order. The timing is important — it begins to explain why these films were made, and how they were intended to be seen. STEZIN: That also brings up, interestingly enough, the other side of that coin, which is when you do something like we've done, you know, is that piece gonna stand on its own? PETRI: I sort of wanted to do something audacious this year, given the fun of the political climate and given the sense that you can sort of do anything if you just believe in yourself. I do think the theater-going public is more versed, if you will, in Shakespeare. Popular culture exploits Shakespeare for cultural authority and to create meanings through interplay between cultural systems and institutions. Joseph L. Wealthier patrons often attended the theatre to be seen as much as to see, and by the 17th century, playhouses had become social spaces. Like all silent films, the scene from King John might well have been accompanied by some variation of live music, sound effects, phonograph records, intertitles, recitations, or supplementary lectures, as filmmakers sought to compensate for a silenced Shakespeare.
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