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No Focus on Internal Information You have to conduct specialized and complicated market research when you are going to create a global market entry strategy.

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While control enables the firm to coordinate actions, execute and revise strategies, and thus obtain a higher return, it also entails commitment of resources and hence exposure to risk in an uncertain environment. Airbnb Airbnb is for people who book and list accommodations all over the world.

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The stakeholders in such a case think a combined marketing approach will produce more significant results. Kenyans may well be prepared to pay extra for imported French or South African wines, as the locally produced paw paw wine may be much inferior.

Attention is then required to coordinate and integrate marketing strategy across countries and regions.

Introduction to global marketing

While there are a number of benefits from standardization, there are also barriers to standardization and advantages to adapting, and these need to be weighed relative to each element of the marketing mix. Firms of all sizes, and in almost all industries, are increasingly conceptualizing their strategy on a global basis. Place[ edit ] Refers to the point of sale. Technology has been one of the single most powerful driving forces to internationalism. It must be noted that according to the "relationship" marketing school of thought, the so called "incontrollables" can be made more "controllable" by building relationships with the influences of these factors. This is often typical of small scale organisations. As foreign producers begin to expand and gain more experience, their competition displaces the high income export production source. One can see in the streets of New York, London, Kuala Lumpar or Harare, youth with the same style and brand of basketball shirts or American Football shorts. If a business chooses not to extend internationally, it can face domestic competition from international companies that are extending their international presence. More often than not sheer management myopia may set in and management may fail to seize the export opportunity although products may be likely candidates.

If one considers the whole range of materials from their raw to value added state there is hardly a market segment which cannot be tapped globally. Finally, a number of concepts and techniques, including the International Product Life Cycle, can give insight and a guide to global planning. In food marketing systems many transactions and discussions take place across international boundaries.

Tariffs are usually on imports, but sometimes countries may impose export tariffs or subsidies. In addition, creative ways to enhance the ability of consumers to afford products need to be developed.

global marketing vs international marketing
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Chapter 1: Introduction To Global Marketing