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You may have to do so kicking and screaming and throwing fits and crying- but by all means- face it! It might be the terrible politicians or your boss or the evil cabal of the power elite that rules the world.

At times in this process, you will look back and realize that you let yourself be the victim again.

Why is it important to become a creator and not just a user in computer science

And stomach it all! Write a simple todo list with things while making your morning coffee. We are not liable for any potential damages that may be incurred from this information. And there may even be times when, for whatever reason, you feel a need to play the role of victim for a while. But its magnitude - its impact in our lives - is small. Each of us is faced with challenges every day of our lives. And with each challenge, we make choices in how we react. Paying special attention to each creator and how they built their audience and made the switch from consumer to creator. Where is it going? Thinking that I had to become a fundamentally different person before I was a creator. We are great at creating things, but it takes extra effort to share the process and journey. In order to have something forever, we have to give constantly.

But there are other moments—ones where the set is ready, the lights are bright, the hall is packed, the audience is in good spirits, and my dance partner shows up dressed to the nines with the routine down-pat—those are moments that make every bit of hardship and pain more than worth it.

You can build on their words and maybe express your own thoughts on their writing.

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One of the basic and difficult lessons every artist must learn is that even the failed pieces are essential. Our focus on how to buy things more cheaply - our focus on frugality - is an extension of this consumer mindset.

That I was dealt a bad hand.

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Creators feel no need to blame anyone as they know that whatever happens, they have choice in the matter. But remember while doing so that you are choosing this, and that you can just as easily choose to be a creator again as soon as you are ready.

Despite being misunderstood, knocked down, and distorted. Set the bar low and do it every day.

Why is it important to become a creator and not just a user

But in the end, these were all excuses that I had to brush away. For those who blame themselves more than others, consider exploring how this serves you. You don't want to be a commodity worker. That people would always be out to hurt me and I was the only one I could ever trust. Sometimes, I fail again and again and again. But more problems will always come up, so you will oscillate between having what you want and then losing it. They resist superficial distractions and remain focused on their goals, even if they have to sacrifice what would gratify them in the moment. The community came together to help me succeed. There are moments when it gets difficult. When you're solving problems, you're trying to avoid pain. It's not what you possess or what happens to you in life that matters, but rather what you do with it. The author defines this as Scope x Magnitude. We do not have the right to point our finger at someone else and blame that person for how we treat others, today. Creating art is truly a lonely road, filled with hard work and discipline that may not even pay off in the end.
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Victim or Creator?