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To teach our students how to effectively write paragraphs we need to clearly define what a paragraph is.

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Join me for weekly classroom updates and free resources that are just-right for your writing classroom! Encourage your students to imbue their writing with color and vitality by weaving anecdotes, verbal illustrations, rich details, and facts and figures throughout their writing.

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Although this transfer from organizer to paragraph seems simple and intuitive, it does take explicit modeling — indenting the main idea, placing the sentences right after one another without skipping lines, etc. Parallel structures involve using two or more phrases or sentences that use the same parts of speech and grammatical structures. Each clearly identified topic will require at least one dedicated paragraph. The last noodle is the concluding sentence. They help the writer organize their thoughts during the writing process and further help the reader follow the thread of those thoughts in the reading. Clearly there is a pressing need for a strong focus on writing skills in the classroom. She puts the main topic of the paragraph in the middle of the paper. A simple way to help students to recognize paragraphs is to have them count the number of paragraphs on a page, either in a book or projected onto the whiteboard. In some instances though you may raise questions or direct your reader to reconsider a specific aspect of your writing in an effort to challenge their thinking beyond this point. This practice generates THE best conversations — How do you know this is an example? A good acronym that conveys this is P.

Place: As with a changing focus on a person, a shift from one location to another is most often best noted with a corresponding change in paragraphing. When he writes the meatball entries, they can be in incomplete sentences.

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Please try again. The final sentence of your conclusion will leave a lasting impression with your audience so never rush or disregard it. The cost of this devil-may-care approach is, most often, clarity and coherence. Ensure your students take the time to polish their final draft. We have whole-brain gestures for our paragraphs that look like this — These gestures are perfect for giving students a tangible way to remember the parts of the paragraph, as well as, offer a cue when I am working with students or students are working with each other. This is common practice in persuasive writing and some narrative styles such as mystery writing. Every single time, we can nail the title but after that it gets tricky. This is undoubtedly a great thing, but for some of our students it can lead to complacency.

Judiciously chosen, these techniques will have their writing rosy-cheeked in no time! While the thesis or more broadly, the theme will remain consistent throughout the piece of writing, each paragraph should focus on a different point in support of that thesis.

This is common practice in persuasive writing and some narrative styles such as mystery writing. The planning stage of writing serves the same purpose as architectural blueprints, that is: to foresee the problems of construction and solve them before building begins.

It is often helpful to consider paragraphs as the distinct units in the planning process. There are two concepts essential to understand in the writing of the perfect paragraph: i. Instruct students that a move to a new paragraph in their writing is symbolic of the physical change of place - this will help them remember to start a new paragraph.

In summary, 1st graders should be able to independently write a cohesive paragraph by the end of the year. Each clearly identified topic will require at least one dedicated paragraph.

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