How to write a script for radio documentary podcast

podcast script template pdf

Keep in mind that this template is not meant to be a complete script, but rather an example that can help guide you with writing your own. This flexibility can make your podcast that much more interesting.

The amount of scripting will differ from one podcast to another.

podcast outline template pdf

We will go more in depth on how the intro, outro and guest questions should flow later on. Ask them whether they understand the jargon term and have them explain it in their own words to assess their understanding. This can happen times, when required.

Sound Effect — Whistle Blowing Topic 1. For instance, you will want to prepare a list of questions to ask your guest and group them based on the different topics you will cover.

Fiction podcast script example

Applause Sound Effect Segue into Topic 2. Just be aware that your listeners may need that extra description every so often to aid them in picturing the topics, stories, news, etc. Use the feedback to edit your description and give this new version to two other non-scientists and assess whether they understand your description. Paint Pictures with Your Words Setting the scene for your listeners is essential as they do not have a visual aid. But if you take a considered approach with planning, each of these elements will fall into place much easier and more harmoniously. Some of the key elements in your script may be: Your introduction. If you want to script your podcast in more detail, you can organize it similarly to this: Topic 1 Header Duration. Take a look at the podcast script template example below.

As a guide, we've created our own podcast script template example. So stick around.

podcast script example pdf

Podcasting is a multifarious medium combining elements of radio, journalism and audio production, and creating them can be an arduous process. Take a look at the podcast script template example below.

Include key points if relevant, but a good interview is one that sounds like two people sitting at a bar learning about what one or the other does for a living. You should also adopt a more conversational tone of voice, speak to your audience and not at your audience.

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A Guide to Planning Out a Podcast Episode