I am proud to be an american because essay

I am proud to live in such a country where effort and hard work is rewarded and you are not beholden to the government for the things you earn on your own. My family included wartime veterans; my grandfathers served in korea.

No two-bit terrorist can bring us to our knees, despite all who would wish us ill, no country in the history of mankind has been so generous with its wealth, I can write what I believe to be the truth here and in my newspaper without fear of censorship or reprisal, I can vote my conscience without fear of retributionlong ago, brave men gave their very lives to show this strange concept of people governing themselves could work, even in the worst of times, millions around the world dream of living in my country, being a man of your word means more than having an aristocratic name, I can be a lawyer, a farmer or a newspaper reporter and succeed or fail on my own merits.

America promises to all citizens the rights to protect and embrace their differences, whether they be ideological or physical differences.

It doesn't exactly exclude you from getting into trouble nor is it an automatic "Get Out Of Jail Free" card by any means, but hey, you can still have your own secret opinions. The opportunities are endless When you think about it, there's really not much you can't do in America. I am also proud of my fellow Americans for being able to maintain a free society in a time of terrorism and war.

Although we probably have miles to go in terms of nationwide schooling, we are slowly making progress towards a better system for those seeking higher education.

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As a woman in America I am, in general, the luckiest, most free, best educated and one of the most respected women in the world. I am proud to be an American because children are free to pursue their dreams, to celebrate their successes and to rise to fight again when they fail.

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Why I'm Proud To Be An American