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However, sincethe service sector has employed more people than other sectors, accounting for The Rupiah stabilised in the Rp. The country has abundant natural resources, yet poverty remains widespread. Agriculture is a key sector which contributed to In the s, the economy deteriorated drastically as a result of political instability, a young and inexperienced government, and economic nationalism, which resulted in severe poverty and hunger.

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Read also: Example of Corruption in Indonesia The high rate of unemployment The high unemployment rate in Indonesia is also the factor causing Indonesia to adopt a mixed economic system. Mohon tunggu The Indian bank is also in Indonesia. This section provides an outline of the current state of the Indonesian economy and discusses a number of important chapters in the economic history of Indonesia: General Economic Outline This section offers a detailed account regarding Indonesia's current economic structure and composition based on recent macroeconomic indicators, developments and achievements. Indonesia's national motto, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" "Unity in Diversity" literally, "many, yet one" , articulates the diversity that shapes the country. There are signs that Indonesia's economic growth is starting to accelerate again after the economic slowdown in the years The unstable of economy condition Economic growth in various sectors is deemed not to have a systemic impact on improving the quality of life of the community as a whole. The president appoints a council of ministers, who are not required to be elected members of the legislature. And the government should realize the shape of Indonesia's national economic system, which is a system of folk's economy, a democratic family based economic and moral with the favour of the folk's economic sectors. The Acehnese government, for example, has the right to create certain elements of an independent legal system; in , it instituted a form of Sharia Islamic law. Although mineral production traditionally centred on bauxite, silver, and tin, it is expanding its copper, nickel, gold, and coal output for export markets. In , the DMO was

According to World Trade Organization data, Indonesia was the 27th biggest exporting country in the world inmoving up three places from a year before. Transparency International, for example, has since ranked Indonesia below in its Corruption Perceptions Index.

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India's fortune groups like Vedanta Resources and Tata Group also have substantial mining operations in Indonesia. Jakarta is the country's special capital region. All in all, the solution for Indonesia is using mixed economic system. The work and profession that is done by the people of Indonesia also vary. The DPD is a new chamber for matters of regional management. Thus Indonesia was already doing some turn of the economic system. The design of the system was already good, but in practice the government can't stem the intervention of private parties and finally leaning more towards the Indonesian system of capitalist. Indonesia with a population of million and a rapidly growing economy represents a significant business opportunity in such areas as automotive, electrical goods, infrastructure and retail. In , the DMO was Indonesia was the country hardest hit by the Asian financial crisis of — At the same time, the government has offered one-time subsidies for qualified citizens, to alleviate hardships. The liberal economic system is a system of an economy freedom in all areas of the economy and people can make a profit like he wants Ian,

According to Boediono this is an economic system in which the role of government is very dominant and influential in controlling the economy, all the behavior or activity of the economy is regulated by Government.

The design of the system was already good, but in practice the government can't stem the intervention of private parties and finally leaning more towards the Indonesian system of capitalist.

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