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Author London uses The descriptive detail to describe the city dying throughout the piece. This motion pulls the upper plate down until the stress builds up enough to cause a seismic event.

They can cause massive devastation and loss of life and property wherever they occur and even the most prepared countries can be overwhelmed by this force of nature. More than fifty aftershocks measuring over 4. The main reason for the big earthquakes in west part of Japan are the tectonic activities of the Eurasian, the Pacific, the North America and the Philippine plates.

Furthermore, this can be so violent that it can destroy major buildings as well as kill thousands of people when they happen. No, it was the result of the movement and collision of the earth 's tectonic plates - a process driven by the earth 's need to regulate its own internal temperature.

Kobe earthquake mitigation

Earthquakes, one of the most feared natural disasters can kill thousands and affect millions when they occur. The earthquake struck around lunch time, when many Japanese people were at home cooking at their charcoal or gas fueled stoves. Author Twain uses humor to highlight his purpose throughout the article. The collision between these plates in the central part of Honshu Japan main island is the main source of strain accumulation in the crust of western part of Japan. An example of a controversial topic in the world that affects all of us, can be found in the Canadian election ,when Canadians left divided on whom they believe is fit to be the leader of their country. One of my ain sources is the Edexcel A2 Geography text book by Dunn et al, I found this to be very useful because it included factual relevant information which is very reliable. The main shock epicenter occurred offshore 3. Japan is at a high risk to earthquakes.

The earthquake was occurring at 5. An earthquake is caused by the movement of plates called fault.

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The main shock epicenter occurred offshore 3. The internet informed me with more than what I wanted to know Nervous became fear as I ran to warn my parents The earthquake was recorded 7.

Japan earthquake 1996

Earthquakes are caused by a collision of two plates in the earth. On April the 18th in one of the most devastating earthquakes in history struck San Francisco in California, America. It has been almost a year since the devastating 9. On the 17th of January , a great earthquake struck the Japanese city of Kobe at am. In this modern times, people are required to be constantly vigilant and be able to reduce massive losses and deaths caused by an earthquake. When the plates gets stuck, it causes a lot of pressure on the surrounding rocks. It was along this fault that the triggered the earthquake that hit Kobe. In order to properly assess whether the impact of earthquake hazards depends primarily on human factors, it is necessary to look at a range of case studies which will provide a balanced overview
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Earthquake in Japan Essay