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Louis XIV, however, had a healthy libido and fathered more than a dozen illegitimate children with a number of mistresses.

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The court was left with the impression that the vast sums of money needed to support his lifestyle could only have been obtained through embezzlement of government funds. His 5-year-old great-grandson succeeded him as Louis XV.

Anne and Mazarin had largely pursued the policies of Cardinal Richelieuaugmenting the Crown's power at the expense of the nobility and the Parlements.

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Reflecting that belief, Louis XIV believed any disobedience to his edicts to be sinful, and he adopted the sun as his emblem since France revolved around him as the planets revolved around the sun. The Louisiana Territory became American property after the United States purchased it inand the state of Louisiana joined the union in This status, coupled with Louis XIV's campaigns to continually expand territorial claims through the use of military force, positioned France as a threat to other European nations.

Visit Website Did you know? Mazarin soon supported the Queen's position because he knew that her support for his power and his foreign policy depended on making peace with Spain from a strong position and on the Spanish marriage.

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Nevertheless, excellent results were achieved: the deficit of turned into a surplus in Fouquet was charged with embezzlement. The veteran monarch seemed unshakeable, to the great admiration of all the courtiers. The long conflict plunged a famine-ridden France into massive debt, turning public opinion against the crown. However, Louis altered the sentence to life-imprisonment and abolished Fouquet's post. The War of Devolution, as the conflict was named, lasted a year and ended when the French surrendered and gave the land back to Spain. Louis XIV transformed the royal hunting lodge in Versailles where he played as a boy into a the Palace of Versailles, a monument of royal opulence.

It is now time that I govern them myself.

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Louis XIV of France