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We leave and head back to our house. But you don't need to wiggle your hips or walk like a duck to get the benefits. Liquor bottles everywhere. I admired him. I love this property. The animals, the wildlife both air and ground change daily. More than once we have all experienced a visit of some sort from a past resident. Now he has the opportunity to do it again. I listen. The house is heated only by wood, so he fixed that really early on. Financially, I could not keep up with the demands of living in a home this old that needs constant maintenance. He was working late into the nights trying to create a home for his family. So when we would work on it through the nights and long winter weekend days, I would keep the fire going.

No idea what it is, there is over growth up to the roof. The cobwebs came down, the spider webs removed, the junk packed in the basement and on the three porches hauled away.

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What do I want the last half to be? I started to love it. And it smelled. Did you know walking burns as many calories as jogging the same distance? Those big black gross cobwebs all over the house were created by a wood stove that was not venting correctly. My kids enjoy it, I love it. I told him constantly how amazing he was and how I was blown away that he could see through all that trash and decay to what he turned into our home. We walk up to the front door, the porch is packed with trash and weight benches. Enjoy refreshments with the Macmillan team in the library afterwards. You have to be able to find solace in yourself without the distractions or pats on the back from others. I love this property.

Oh, the things we found down there. Black stuff in my sinuses.

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Construction things that are out of my capabilities. We worked hard. Life then really did surround that building. Old coolers and broken chairs. I go down as often as I can and write, meditate, listen. As you grow and walk in your purpose you will start to realize that many of your friends and family may not understand or support your journey.

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Walking In Your Purpose Is A Solo Journey