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The future development of certification schemes for the cloud under such a framework will eventually support cross-border supply and demand of cloud and other data services, and make the system much more trustworthy, thus stimulating the take-up of cloud services by European businesses.

When processing non-personal data, the Regulation has a narrower territorial scope. Trust or Estate Accounts This is an account in which the securities are registered in the name of the trust, or estate while the trustee sor executor controls the management of the investments.

Non personal

In four years' time, the Commission will review the implementation of the codes of conduct. In its latest feedback sent on Friday, MeitY had asked if there was a case to mandate free access to community, anonymised or ecommerce data, among others.

The Commission will publish informative guidance on the interaction between the Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation, regarding the interaction of the both regulations in the context of mixed data sets.

In what cases will competent authorities get access to data stored in another EU Member State?

free flow of non-personal data

These accounts are set up for non-profit organizations that are not incorporated and are not investment clubs.

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