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Our clients include many world-class media houses, companies, famous photographers, fashion houses and many others. If you are interested in judging our quality, you can get trial service free of cost for our Photo Editing and Image Retouching Services. As for me, I would add some shadows on the face, but still, it looks great. Website: The service specialises in high-end photo retouching services. At any step in the process, I was able to pick up the phone and speak to someone at ShootDotEdit. Pupils are overdone. It is not worth your money. After submitting a selection of images that you feel best represent your style, your consultant breaks each image down to recognise your individual stylistic characteristics, in an attempt to reproduce them during the main edit. Fortunately the ShootDotEdit tutorials for all their photo editing services are well documented. I was going to leave the site without sending my photo, but then I saw examples of works with a very high-quality and professional retouching, I changed my mind. PhotographersEdit Content.

Remains of paint on her nails and a red spot were also ignored. They decided that if the girl stands out sharply against the pink wall background it will be beautiful, alas, the background looks boring.

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Our digital photo editing company declares a special approach to every photographer we work with. Accept the work or request changes, if necessary, and then accept the work. Wedding-retouching Review: Website: wedding-retouching. Each image editing service tries to surpass the competitors. There is stray hair on her face, the whites of the eyes are not cleaned from the red capillaries. If you shoot over 12 weddings or events a year, the Unlimited Plan is much more cost effective. In testing and evaluating each service, I soon found it very hard to effectively separate the results produced by each one. Retouching services quality The retouch is done perfectly, but I do not like the light spot on the background that attracts too much attention and distracts from the girl. The service specialises in wedding photo editing services, but they also do other types of portrait retouching. Ordering: For registration, you can upload photos of any format, confirm the order by email and pay through PayPal. I did both of these actions, but so far no one answered.

Ordering: Placing order comes after registration and uploading the images of any format. The first thing you can notice is a sharp change in the texture of the skin where the retouch was made — it seems blurred and unnatural.

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I soon discovered why ShootDotEdit is the number one choice for so many wedding and portrait photographers around the world. I like the gradient and unevenness of the background in some places where it borders on gray.

PhotographersEdit Content. Discover how companies benefit from our business.

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You can do it in just 3 simple steps: 1. They also have done great work with the skin, so that it looks very natural and smooth. Images created both with the cheap photo retouching services and the most expensive offers looked great. Nevertheless, they managed to fulfill the task, the girl's face and hair contrast with the background. There is stray hair on her face, the whites of the eyes are not cleaned from the red capillaries. The Style Match seems like it could be a great product, but I found it had some teething issues. Those glittering names are the testimonials of our work and skill. Website: The service specialises in high-end photo retouching services. Professional photography retouchers can do all that photo editing work instead of you! They made body retouching well and color correction of her skin is incredible. Click the button below 2. ClippingpathIndia Content.

The skin redness on her hands and the paint under the fingernails were not retouched up too. Price: Photo retouching price list is measured in credits, which in turn are bought for dollars.

photo editing service for websites

I noticed the hair on the right side of the face that strikes the eye when viewed and looks as if it was cut with scissors manually. Their magazine examples are outstanding.

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PhotographersEdit Content. Photo editing price list is clear and understandable, they even have wedding packages that is a lucky find for wedding photographers, I believe. Nude-retouching Review: Website: nuderetouching. Everything was done at the highest level. You may even shoot maternity, newborn, high school senior and other portrait related work too. Ordering: You can order photo editing without registering through the form on the site or through the mail. The skin on the face looks very red and unhealthy, the fingers are completely blue.
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