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Technology Trends Technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in the sector. This is true from a broad sense but definitely tough to pin down.

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But how does this change across property types? In some communities, these inspection results are posted online. Stock Market Returns and Retail Sector Financials Strong financial performance fuels future investment in growth initiatives, and the retail industry has benefitted from the overall market rally in If I had a question, I had to locate any employee and hope it was not another customer milling about.

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Experience counts Customer experience is critical in the restaurant and retail environment, especially given all of these changes. Figure 4.

Customer service expectations for restaurants

List at least three contributing factors. The millennials were hitting their early 20s and starting to enter the workforce. What was it for Alberta? JLL wrote that both malls and open-air centers could expect an increase in non-retail tenants. Customers get seated and are given menus, and out of 45 customers 18 request to be seated elsewhere. Millennnials influenced the urbanization movement, Buxton says, which led to a resurgence of core downtown markets over the last decade. PwC and the Urban Land Institute predict that the amount of space dedicated to retail will decline in the coming years. Charleys Philly Steaks Charleys Philly Steaks is one brand that recently decided to focus on strip-center development over malls. Currently, the overall national retail vacancy rate is low. This reverses the recent trend of retail real estate investment in smaller, less saturated areas.

Upon my recent shopping experience, I was not greeted by the staff. Like always, restaurant growth will swing both directions by the season, year, and everything in between.

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