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But depriving any citizen of the right to vote should be the grave exception, not a routine part of national life. Racial disparities in criminal enforcement and sentencing means disenfranchisement falls heaviest on black communities. This often includes possibilities for prisoners to pre-vote from the prison itself. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Interviews with these prisoners, during the same research study, revealed that prisoners welcomed the act of their enfranchisement, and also hoped that more such acts of their engagement with the society including more attention from the political class will be undertaken by the government Behan So, when a lawbreaker voluntarily breaks the law, he or she chooses to go outside the society. This has real-world impact. They can protest mistreatment and poor conditions. Depriving a prisoner of his right to vote is an additional punishment. Convicted prisoners had breached the social contract and so could be regarded as temporarily forfeiting the right to take part in the government of the country. Do we still want to deny basic rights to an American guaranteed by the constitution? Other European countries[ edit ] Several other European countries permit disenfranchisement by special court order, including France and the Netherlands. It might still be a small population as compared to the size of other communities, even then a moral responsibility would stand for vote seekers and subsequent winners of power to be responsive towards demands of the prisoners.

The process of drawing fair and equal districts fails when the underlying data are flawed. The words of a South African judge Mbodla beautifully remind us of the important of vote and citizenship: The vote of each and every citizen is a badge of dignity and of personhood. Jim Crow never died, it was just repackaged as the War on Drugsand mass incarceration is a form of voter suppression.

Prisoners have freedom of worship. They can protest mistreatment and poor conditions. The clause establishing that "moral turpitude" could prevent former convicts from voting was not repealed; the term was redefined, reportedly making thousands of former convicts eligible to vote.

This is evident in Indian polity as well, where election manifestos barely mention any promises for the betterment of prison conditions or legislation. The Bureau's approach to counting incarcerated people dates back to the beginning of the census, when it was important only to count the number of people in each state to ensure equal representation in Congress.

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In each of our policies, the focus should not just be on prevention, deterrence and punishment of crime but more importantly also on the conditions generating crime and reintegration of the lawbreaker into the society.

Therefore, he or she should not be given the rights which a law-abiding citizen enjoys. As of15 states and the District of Columbia restore voting rights to felons upon release from prison.

Prisoners voting rights

America likes to claim to be honorable and above the fray—a shining city on a hill, if you will—but our prison system reveals our true punitive instincts. Congressional apportionment relied on the comparative populations of the states, not where people were relative to each other within each state. For example, in the elections, at least 10 states formally disenfranchised 20 percent of African-American voters due to felony convictions Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Denial of voting rights pushes the prisoner further away from the society. This ruling applied equally for prisoners and for ex-convicts. Are we a true democracy, or do we want to set up restrictions on who can and cannot vote like we originally did in the constitution with things like the Three-Fifths Compromise? The UK is subject to Europe-wide rules due to various treaties and agreements associated with its membership of the European Community. The prison population has risen exponentially in the past couple of decades; counting the people in prison in the wrong place now undermines the Supreme Court's requirement that political power be apportioned on the basis of population. Therefore the prison system shall not, But the growing tide against felon disenfranchisement raises a related question: Why disenfranchise felons at all? Here are some tips.

There are practical benefits as well.

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