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Do AIUB students has a lot opportunity in corporate side? It is an open library system to students of AIUB, which provides rich collection of books including journals, newsletter, thesis works, audio-visual materials and CDs. Because of that students are very fade up about their culture. Why this issue has been taken as a research topic, what have the significance of the problem is, illustration and statement on the problem been discussed here. So that students do not have to have food on standing 19 Chapter-Seven 7. Do you think that study room of AIUB has proper ventilators? Pre-registration can be run in two steps they are — The band width can be increased so that the server is not clashed. But here student face huge problem that there are no gap between consecutive classes so during the time of one campus to another campus sometimes student face incredible problem in their daily life such as. It has built and maintained its reputation as a leader in the pursuit of quality and excellence. What are the consequences of this awful condition?

After sorting out the problems, we would try to suggest some possible solutions, which may help to develop the overall condition of AIUB and would present the students a healthy educational environment 1. On the other hand there is unclean wash room give nothing good for students.

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Students are tested on English language structure, vocabulary, comprehension and composition and Basic Mathematic. For case study method, we chose three students from three departments to have their opinion. Today, AIUB houses nine 9 undergraduate programs and three 3 MBA programs with numerous majors and enrolls around students with full time faculty members. After the mutual discussion, we came to know about the satisfaction level of the students, sectors to develop or expand immediately and best solutions for the development. So that students do not have to have food on standing 19 Chapter-Seven 7. Server of AIUB should be stronger and more secured to avoid unwanted interference and that will make pre-registration more easily. In campus-7 officials should use the alternative lift.

What are the consequences of this awful condition? Do you like education system of AIUB? It will not be that hard to change the class time a bit.

That should be cleaned within a fixed time.

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That will help the students to invite other university students for co-operative work and also allow the 18 guardians to see in what environment the students are studying. So that students do not have to have food on standing 19 Chapter-Seven 7.

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