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Rap music should not be restricted on the television despite much controversy over the idea.

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Over the past forty years hip hop music has been a way for fans to relate to artist through their songs because many hip hop artist lived and experience the same things that their fans did. It encourages young people to be gangsters, curse, fight, and kill people. As for classical music, it has more of a sophisticated sound. During this time funk music was technology driven more electronic sounds were being used on the drum machines. Recently, prosecutors have been using rap lyrics as evidence in a criminal case. His mind doubtful over where his next meal will come from, lost in search of some higher guidance, struggling through a world, not of innocent childish fantasies, but trapped in a forced reality. It might say it in the best way but neither are the lives that they live. Hip hop breaks down the boundaries between music and everyday life. He focused on four common topics that can be heard throughout the genre of rap. In the 21st century, rappers rap about their lives and how the place they grew up in was very hard and that is why many people think like rap music so much, because there are many connections rapper can relate to With its deep beats, multilayered sound, aggressive lyrics, in-your-face messages, and defiant style, rap is seen as a revolt in its music videos, and recorded forms. It is the form of rhyming lyrics spoken rhythmically over musical instruments with a musical backdrop of sampling, scratching and mixing. Drums, keyboards, bass, synthesizers and turntables are common.

Herc and Hollywood are both credited with introducing the Jamaican style of cutting and mixing into the musical culture of the South Bronx. The words are talked over the music and the stresses and attention on words is vital.

They feel that it tells the story of the black man's struggle.

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Rap music is highly complex. The change in rap music has made it universal African slaves sang songs to tell stories about the pain and struggles experienced during slavery Some people, mostly politicians blame this on the music that is about today. Both have demonstrated some act of aggression, but still rap music receives more unreasonable Judgment.

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