Reading books is better than watching

For instance, while the Harry Potter movies may take everyone on a similar adventure, the books hold different, distinctive meanings for every reader. Reading books is good, but televisions are making it easier for us to gather information by hearing.

In comparison, TV eliminates much of the extra inputs and provides a visual feed instead. Just remember, many benefits of reading are already proven by science. However, people tend to favor books more.

Reading books is better than watching tv speech

Develop Verbal Abilities Even though TV is mostly dialogue, books are better than television at increasing your vocabulary. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Reading develops better verbal and empathy skills see below. We turn off our imagination and receive the story as imagined by the director. Sound familiar? Nowadays, there is no need to read the newspapers since it takes a lot efforts and time. Better verbal abilities also translate to better writing skills which is important in many jobs.

Sometimes we are so focused on our reading we are barely aware of the world around us at all. However, advanced technology such as the televisions do not enabled you to do such things.

why i prefer to read books rather than watch television

Social events just to discuss books. Books are words but the images that they conjure up in our minds will be different from you and me.

speech about why reading is more beneficial than tv

So watchers of television tend to develop a short attention span or lack of focus.

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5 Reasons Why Reading a Book is Better than Watching Television