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Page proofs are sent to the author for final approval approximately six weeks prior to publication.

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Replace all references to the author with "Author, ", "Author et al, ", etc. Booth, James R. Ensure that authors for a single source are listed in correct order. Literacy and religion: The textual politics and practice of Seventh-day Adventism. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Instead, incorporate such material into the article text, figures and tables, or required Sidebars. All in-text citations and corresponding references must be in APA 6th edition format. Oxford: Blackwell. Authors are responsible for observing copyright laws when quoting or reproducing material. After print publication, the DOI remains valid and can continue to be used to cite and access the article. It is received by more than 15, individual and institutional subscribers worldwide. Readers of this peer-reviewed publication include middle and secondary school teachers and administrators, preservice teachers, postsecondary teachers, librarians, media specialists, literacy coaches, curriculum specialists, researchers, and policymakers.

Extremely short paragraphs of just a few sentences are fine and in fact preferred--keep in mind that a paragraph that runs 3 or 4 lines long in a Word document will run 8 or 10 lines long in the journal layout!

Only if it matters which published edition of the book was used are parenthetical citations and reference entries needed. This feature is retrospective—even articles already published offer this feature for free colleague access.

Predicting individual differences in early reading ability.

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Authors are kindly requested to check their papers very carefully before submission in order to avoid delays in publication. Accepted articles are edited to meet ILA style guidelines.

Studies in written language and literacy, 2. The editors retain the sole right to decide whether or not suggested reviewers are contacted. New York: Oxford University Press. Preparing Your Manuscript All submissions for peer review should conform to the style outlined in the APA 6th edition.

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Take Action! All authors will receive a final PDF of their article for their records.

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