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Remember this partition will be the shortest part of your work.

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The most important objective of this paper is to summarize the presented data and document the information received from the work. NOTE: The discussion section should generally follow the same format chosen in presenting and organizing the results.

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Although colonies were detected on each treatment type, the average number of colonies per plate was significantly lower than that of the control plates. A good strategy is to note, on a draft of each Table or Figure, the one or two key results you want to address in the text portion of the Results.

You might match the order of the research questions and hypotheses to your results, or you could arrange them according to the order presented in the Methods section.

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If the scope of the study is broad or has many variables, or if the methodology used yields a wide range of different results, the author should state only those results that are most relevant to the research question stated in the Introduction section.

Be sure to properly label any non-textual elements in your paper.

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Since you'll be talking about your own interpretation of the results in the discussion section, you need to be sure that the information reported in the results section justifies your claims. This is the main aim of a research paper — to draw a conclusion about the research you have performed. Do not reiterate each value from a Figure or Table—only the key result or trends that each conveys. Important negative results should be reported, too. For example, in your empirical analysis you notice an uncommon correlation between two variables. Structure your results section around tables or figures that summarize the results of your statistical analysis. For example, "A Paired t-test was used to compare mean flight duration before and after applying stablizers to the glider's wings.

Confusing figures with tables. Now consider the following example: Example with interpretation: The results of the germination experiment Fig. Unless the author is requested by the journal or advisor to included Results and Discussions together, explanations and interpretations of these results should be omitted from the Results.

How to write results and discussion in a research paper

Highlight the most important findings you want readers to remember as they transition into the discussion section. Present a section and then discuss it, before presenting the next section then discussing it, and so on. Next, write the summary text to support your illustrative materials. Research results can only confirm or reject the research problem underpinning your study. To create a caption, consider the research question being asked and change it into a phrase. The goal is to communicate this complex information as clearly and precisely as possible; precise and compact phrases and sentences are most effective. Sign up to get these answers, and more, delivered straight to your inbox. Problems to Avoid When writing the results section, avoid doing the following: Discussing or interpreting your results. Do not include tables and figures if you are not going to talk about them in the body text of your results section. The first research question was "How do students benefit from analysing model texts? Simple rules to follow related to Tables and Figures: Guideline 1: Tables and Figures are assigned numbers separately and in the sequence that you will refer to them from the text.

Likert Items are included in this example. Robinson, S. What are your concerns?

How to write results in a research paper example

A chronological order or even a hierarchy of importance or meaningful grouping of main themes or categories might prove effective. This is the main aim of a research paper — to draw a conclusion about the research you have performed. An excerpt from the results section of a psychology report General and specific knowledge scores were analysed separately by 2 Instruction Condition x 2 Test Phases ANOVAs with repeated measures on the second factor. Ignoring negative results. Focus on being concise and objective. For example: Similar to Author [Year], one of the findings of this study is the strong relationship between… While Author [Year] found an indirect relationship between, our study highlighted …. Peers, professors, or qualified experts can provide valuable insights. The most important objective of this paper is to summarize the presented data and document the information received from the work. Avoid providing data that is not critical to answering the research question. Note that this author has included three graphs in one single figure. Do not use phrases that are vague or non-specific, such as, "appeared to be greater than other variables Your responsibility is to report the results of your study, not to teach your readers how to analyze or interpret statistics. Document them, then state in your discussion section why you believe a negative result emerged from your study.
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