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Dress as a medieval knight and demand ale This is an old tradition, which states that anyone attending an examination in full knight's costume has the right to demand a tankard of ale. Just being surrounded by your revision notes will mean that something will have to sink in. All in the spirit of making it a bit more fun, the theory goes that using visual cues will help you remember more effectively. You can compare how well you are doing with how your group is progressing. For a lot of people myself included , it can be really boring when you feel like you're constantly doing the same thing, and when all your revision looks the same as well! Forest is a particularly innovative one. Test Yourself Or get someone else to! Vary your style of revising as you go along to keep yourself motivated.

Always take a short break when you get tired, however pushed for time you feel. You can do that here! In my opinion, if it looks nice, then I'll want to keep reading it hence the excessive use of felt tip pens! Varying your environment can also help to keep your revision interesting too.

Active recall revision techniques

Divide your time between subjects, not necessarily equally. For example, my friend Hannah and I both study Modern History. If you must have your phone near you, download an app that stops you from continuously checking Instagram or Facebook. Who says writing is the only way to revise? Make yourself take regular breaks, and be strict about returning to the revision. When it came round to revision time last year, we would often go for a coffee together in town and would help each other revise the sections the other was struggling with. Find a friend who is on a different course to you and teach each other about your courses. Use Actions A physical cue for a fact can be useful. We recommend A3 - there's a lot of info here! It plants a seed when you lock your phone and a tree continues to grow until you quit the app. This can be anything you want it to be, a quick bite to eat, a social media break or simply a lie down. If speech or songs with lyrics are too distracting for you, try film scores or instrumental music. See our help page for more info. This is a fun way to do it.

You can compare how well you are doing with how your group is progressing. These days you can choose between actual physical cards or an app like Quizlet.

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With Someone Else Identify the problem, find a solution and go with it. For example, contrary to most of the revision advice out there, I always found that coffee shops were a great place to sit and make revision notes, and I could never work well in my room. It's exactly what we would have wanted when we were doing our exams, which isn't that long ago These are especially good for small bits of information you have to remember such as theories or quotes. How to deal with pressure at university 3. This technique is also helpful if you're stuck for resources such as post it notes or cue cards. Back to Exams or Demon Fighting? Plan Ahead Rather than saving all your stress for the actual exam, plan from the moment you are given the exam date.

Don't be. Create the optimum learning environment There will be loads of people who will tell you that working in a library is more productive than working from home.

Noise is a heavily debated topic. Have a Cue that Reminds You of a Topic If you wear a certain top to revise history for example, wear that top to your exam.

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Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods will also boost your concentration throughout the day.

Ok, we're done now. What kind of environment do you need to be in to make your learning effective?

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Revise in the Shower Although a bit abstract, think about how much copious amounts of time you spend in the shower, so why not use this to revise too?

But you have to be strict with yourself.

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21 Alternative Ways To Revise