Sex education should be added to

Despite teen pregnancy rates falling, teens in America are more than twice as likely to give birth than those in Canada, and almost four times more likely than teens in Germany or Norway.

argument against sex education in school

These people argue that the rate of teen pregnancies is higher in the countries that conduct sex education classes for their students. It's important that young men learn early that taking care of their health is one of the most "manly" things they can do.

A full 80 percent of Evangelicals report having non-married sex and churches are starting to catch on by encouraging safer sex.

Why sex education should not be taught in schools

By equipping children and teenagers with the power of knowledge, we are ensuring that they will make informed decisions for themselves. Parents tend to be terrible at teaching kids how to use contraception and need help from trained professionals. Values about sex can be taught at home, but facts should be taught at school. They found that those adolescents who used condoms at their first intercourse had the same number of sexual partners as those who didn't. They must be taught that their body is their own, and their consent is extremely important. Respect diverse opinions. But only 22 states and the District of Columbia currently require students to have sex-ed. Adolescents are at an age where they are becoming aware of the changes in their body. While this is not an ideal way for kids to get their facts, the more correct information circulating among teens about contraception and safer sex, the healthier a community can become. The website includes tips, a resource list, and other resources for parents and educators.

And although some schools Research has shown time and time again that abstinence-only education doesn't work. They were also only half as likely to have been infected with chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Comprehensive sex-ed helps delay the age of first sex. Sexual predators prey on children as young as three or four and we must protect these children from abuse. Furthermore, one-fifth of sexually active high school students had used drugs or alcohol before the most recent time they had sex.

Empowering children The topic of sex education coincided conveniently with a role-play scenario at Dandelion, in which body ownership became incredibly relevant! Sex can harm people. The prevention of childhood sexual abuse.

Having those condoms available does seem to encourage teens to use them, but only if they would be having sex anyway.

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