Smoking must be banned in all

Smoking should be banned in public places persuasive essay

Paul Bartlett as a senior counselor at Stony Stratford said that when you walk in city, and smoke came right in your face, then indirectly, the smoke was harmful to you and the kids there. Although it is true to say people who smoke have the right of smoking, other people also have the right to breath fresh air! Students have recognized what cigarette it is. Based on the constitution no 75 year district governments DKI Jakarta. Smoking causes premature aging and wrinkles on the face and hands. In , smoking in Costa Rica became subject to some of the most restrictive regulations in the world, the practice being banned from many outdoor recreational and educational areas as well as in public buildings and vehicles. And when the smokers are getting stressed, cigarette also has important role for them because cigarette can be a medicine to lose their stress 3. My voice is -temporarily- gone. Too much money that the smokers have to pay a cigarette for smoking. One person states public places should be allowed because a person chooses to go there, well a person also chooses to light up a cigarette. But some may question this because smoking not only hurts the one smoking, but others around them. If the student who does not have money to buy the cigarette, he will do anything. Meanwhile, others want to be as free as possible and do as they please, as long as their actions do not violate the rights of others. Such legislations include banning smoking in restaurants, buses, hotels and workplaces. All this for what?

Non-smokers have a problem with selfishness of the smokers that do it in public. What is not acceptable is the effect that smoke has on non-smokers who have almost no way of getting away from smoke unless they want to stay in their house.

Smoking is very unhealthy for you. What will you do? This case or this condition is of course will give a negative effect for them.

smoking should be banned in public places. agree or disagree

This may not seem like much and this is because people are starting to smarten up and do the research. Some religions use tobacco as part of their rituals and ceremonies, such Native Americans. Please you imagine well, just because of cigarette and smoking and public area you will get a punishment in jail.

Should smoking be banned completely essay

Published: August 31, Updated: April 5, Follow: Posted by Christina Matthews I love the written word, and in my career as a journalist, I strive to provide the facts about everything I write about. Thereafter, a more comprehensive ban was introduced in As we know that all of these substances are toxic, irritant and cause cancer carcinogens. In other words im sure you dont have to smoke right then and there you can wait untill you get to your house or and un socail area. England follows in the rule of New York that prohibits its citizens for smoking public street. I think that if someone wants to go somewhere they should be able to go there and not have to leave because they dont want to be around smoking and care about there health. The first is its effect on appearance. The other solution, people who are not smoking can stay way from the smoker in order to not inhale the smoke of cigarette. According to the Centers of Disease and Control, , smoking-related deaths occur in the US alone. Even if I were to leave my car or house unlocked, that does not justify a burglar to enter a property that does not belong to him.
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Should Smoking Be Banned?