The english teacher r k narayan essay

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Another incident when Dr. My friend Nancy aptly described me as laboring under a "stupor of thought. For starting motors.

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The African American, Cambodian, Hispanic and White students are all exposed to the same crime riddled streets of Long Beach where crime and murder is the norm. Narayan effectively illustrates the emotions ordinary people like Krishna go through after a loved one has parted, consequently demonstrating his feelings after the death of his own wife Rajam.

The english teacher r k narayan essay

He is uninterested in his students is happy to hear the bell ring to the end of the class. Leela, on the other hand, goes to a preschool where Krishna gets to meet the headmaster, a profound man who cared for the students in his school and teaches them moral values through his own methods. His philosophy on the "business of education is to shape the mind and character of a child" so that they are prepared to handle the pressures and problems of life. It becomes apparent that because of the prediction he is an unhappy man living in despair, unable to enjoy his affluence and family. Now, he is a lecturer. He is very much impressed by his educational theories, gives up his job in the college to serve the new institution. It brings Forth with it many sarcasms and paradoxes that are. This is a very Westernised way of portraying school and schooling and Narayan tries to mock this as it gives an impression that he does not agree with the system. Her appearance, unlike Susila is of a "thirty five year old fat woman with sparse hair tied in a knot and her face shining with oil and perspiration" presenting her as a contrast to a typical India woman who will dress up for her husband.

As an English teacher, Krishna is evidently not a passionate and dedicated one. While the former is dissatisfied with his teaching profession the latter loves it passionately.

This education had reduced us to a nation of morons; we were strangers to our own culture and camp followers of another culture, feeding on leavings and garbage.

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