The role and importance of conformity in our society

causes of conformity

For example, significant attention has been focused on the import of conformity on voter turnout and participatory behaviors [ 10 ], including the effects of social pressure on the electoral behavior of ordinary citizens [ 11 — 15 ].

Informational influence happens when people change their behavior in order to be correct. When the soldiers are marched to their inevitable death knowingly that they are gonna be killed, by their military generals who are in turn controlled by the higher command … Hive mind and social conformity kicks in and the soldiers don't even try to retreat because of their years of rigorous training and programming read : false programming.

Why do people conform

Informational influence generally produces private acceptance as well as public compliance. Solomon E. Independence, or dissent, can be defined as the unwillingness to bend to group pressures. Ideology was measured by an attitudinal measurement of ideology, a Liberalism-Conservatism scale [ 77 ] widely used to prevent measurement error that arises from the difficulty in accurately collapsing a complex view of politics into a single dimension. Younger students, such as those in their first year in college, are treated as lower-status individuals and older college students are treated as higher-status individuals. There must be rules — and we must have rule breakers. The treated group completed this survey before attending a discussion session. Any subject. There is no better example of this than the ongoing pursuit of justice by the children subjected to abuse by Catholic priests and the mounting evidence of systematic concealment and enablement of such abuse by the Catholic Church. Compliance is motivated by the need for approval and the fear of being rejected.

In both cases, humans exhibit conformity behavior; however only in private acceptance do they actually update their beliefs due to the social delivery of new information. By doing this they are conforming to the behaviour expected by their superiors but also by the behaviour of their fellow Officers.

The role and importance of conformity in our society

It creates a feeling that compels you to blindly follow the people that you want to have like you. In turn, conversion, otherwise known as private acceptance, involves both publicly and privately agreeing with the group's decision.

conformity examples

That said, conformity back fires and studies in conformity show that people will ignore their own perceptions in order to "get along" with others, even groups of strangers.

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How Does Conformity Influence Behavior?