The subway story

The low franchise fee came from the fact that we didn't know what we were doing. You know where you are, and when you're five miles out, you're not horribly excited. Fred continued his education while growing his chain of restaurants. The company expanded over time, opening its first international franchise in in Bahrain.

Inyear-old Fred DeLuca asked a family friend, Dr. There are three reasons why they were successful. Carroll also explained that the new strategy was being developed prior to the controversy involving Fogle. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Today, Subway has more locations worldwide than its nearest rival, McDonald's.

Prior to his death, Fred appointed his sister Suzanne Greco to take over the leadership of the brand as its president. While originally planning on being a medical doctor, Fred graduated from the University of Bridgeport in with a degree in psychology.

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I wonder what the possibilities are? Reporters started suggesting that franchisees couldn't make a living operating our stores.

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Subway Story by Julia Sarcone