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People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. Do others take the opposite? Others believe that students should have several short vacations throughout the year.

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If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to an international exhibition, what would you choose? In which way does this expand the accessibility of data? This high percentage indicates that social media has become a medium for cyber-bullying.

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Which view do you agree with? What are some important qualities of a good supervisor boss? Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Toefl independent writing topics 2018

Knowledge from books you read, or personal experiences in reality. What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Others move a number of times throughout their lives, looking for a better job, house, community, or even climate. Explain your position. Secondly, math and science are more important subjects because people need to know them in order to save lives keep everyone healthy. What are the characteristics of a good coach? People should never be satisfied with what they have, they should always want something new or? When the question is asking you to compare pros and cons of one subject, your first body paragraph discusses the advantage and your second body paragraph discusses the disadvantages. These negative attributes make social media a dangerous and controversial set of tools. Travelling is more important than reading books in order to understand the people and the world Do you? There should be no doubt as to how you feel about the topic. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Other universities require students to specialize in one subject.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Which of the two points of view do you agree with? Questions and samples related to topic "JOB": It has recently been announced that a high school in your community would refuse bad-record students.

toefl writing topics 2018

What is your opinion? Here is the sample essay: Sample Essay The reading and the lecture are both about theories of the rapid decline in sea otter populations.

Toefl essay topics 2018 pdf

In conclusion, the reading and lecture both discuss adverse impacts of the prevalence of social media on the society. Many important natural resources such as water, forests, oil, etc, are running out in the world today. Which would you prefer? Which kind of friend do you prefer for yourself? Which one do you prefer? First of all, science and math are more valuable than art and literature because knowledge of math and science is necessary for understanding and advancing technology. Unfortunately, despite the number of people everyone can connect with, there are lower standards for what constitutes a friend. What do you want most in a friend someone who is intelligent, or someone who has a sense of humor, or someone who is reliable? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.
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