University personal statement word count

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Ucas personal statement word count

For the UCAS personal statement word limit is 4, characters or 47 lines of text including spaces and blank lines. If you have a unique selling point, this is where it should be mentioned. Allow your personality to shine through. Also, the colleges might be looking at 2 students that are almost identical in terms of exams, portfolio and interview. Remember these things as your write your personal statement You'll still need to account for how individual characters are counted differently between Microsoft Word and the online form. It's never too late to show you're actively preparing for higher education. You'll also need to check for the correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.

This edge could be your personal statement. The UCAS Similarity Detection Service utilises the Copycatch system, which will compare your statement against those stored within a comprehensive library of statements - those sent to UCAS and elsewhere including paper publications.

Forming a key part of your university application, you should use the UCAS personal statement to showcase how your skills, experience and aspirations are suited to the course What is a university personal statement?

Social Content Academic qualifications alone are not enough for most admissions tutors, they love students who put themselves out to achieve something and enjoy a life outside their studies - i. Check the character and line limit — you have 4, characters and 47 lines.

Every single personal statement is read! Before you start to write Structure your info to reflect the skills and qualities the unis and colleges value most — use the course descriptions to help you.

Structuring your work so you know how much space you have for each section will make sticking to your main points much easier. A good personal statement should reflect your individuality, show your enthusiasm and commitment to the course, show admissions tutors that you are worth offering a place to and explain why the institution should want you as a student.

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