Using hypnosis to improve your golf

You lose your focus for one shot…and it turns into a double or triple.

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All of this happens in an instant and as you lower your arms, you instinctively end your perfect shot with a majestic twirl of the club. So, it's not a new idea and I'm not claiming to invent anything here. Self-Hypnosis, Visualization, And Golf Did you know that there was once a soldier caught as a prisoner of war in Vietnam?

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It wasn't just visualization. At the time, I thought anyone who could hit over yard drives must be a professional golfer. A consistent use of visualization is a key component to Mental Golf. The learning breakthrough for me was on utilizing hypnosis prior to the shot. There are loads of techniques that I've found to cut anywhere from 5 to 10 strokes from my golf game. Through this session and mental toughness training, you will begin to understand how you function in your mind and then take control of the processes. You see, in life you will tend to get more of what you focus your mind on. In my clinical experience, most elite athletes engage in some form of self-hypnotic techniques…. They all belong to a club of elite atheletes who have mastered their subconcious programming so that they can get automatic on-demand peak performances…all by using self-hypnosis. Your Brain On Golf Golf is a mental game. For me I think, "You play golf to have fun, do you not? For me, this has helped. In this session, we program in some tested beliefs from the great instructors and we manufacture creativity.

In fact, they ARE real in our brain. Develop your golfing mind Great golfers need practice and experience, but that's not all. No questions asked. I'm no expert golfer yet, but I have found two critical keys to improving my Mental Golf.

Your ucm has the ability to collect data your sensesinput it through your experiences and then come up with a perfect read…if you get your conscious mind out of the way.

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Golf Hypnosis And Visualization