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This is de facto an international standard. You can also see how many words you misspelled and can compare your performance to that of other users. After the test ends you will receive your result as a WPM-value, which means words per minute the amount of words you can type per minute.

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Registered members are also able to post messages on our forum and ask any typing related questions. Numeric entry[ edit ] The numeric entry or 10 key speed is a measure of one's ability to manipulate the numeric keypad found on most modern separate computer keyboards. Bad case is when the case is incorrect. Give us a try! The more you type the faster you will get. Not fixing the errors when the text turns red will lower your WPM by the amount next to the speed. It is used to measure speed for jobs such as data entry of number information on items such as remittance advice , bills, or checks, as deposited to lock boxes. We prepared this free typing test to give you a quick and easy way to test your typing speed. Over time the minutes will turn into hours of saved time you can spend on other activities.

Increase productivity by no longer interrupting your typing and document preparation to scan the keyboard for the location of your keys. However, the number of characters per minute tends to be around for all the tested languages. The more practice you will get under your belt, the faster your typing-fu will be.

More advanced positions require 80 to 95 usually the minimum required for dispatch positions and other time-sensitive typing jobs.

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Here are the main advantages of taking the typing test: Find out how fast you can type and compare your results with other participants. We have test material in more that 15 languages. As an additional condition, we wanted to include words you can find in our blog articles. Practice is key to improving your typing skills. After each test, we give you a detailed feedback. Improve your words per minute typing results and often test your typing speed. The average typing speed of a normal person is between 38 and 40 words per minute this means around characters per minute.

You can use the typing test to hone your skills, improve your typing speed and, ultimately, to increase productivity. So the average British telegraph word was What can I do to improve my score?

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Reading full sentences may influence your typing speed. As makers of LiveChat — customer service software for business, we wanted to provide the community of our customers and live chat agents with a free typing test. Why typing speed matters? You can share your score with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or include your score in a forum. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. However, the number of characters per minute tends to be around for all the tested languages. It is measured in keystrokes per hour KPH. While this is definitely faster than most people I know, there are of course people who are even faster - with any keyboard layout. How are the words from the test picked? Some tests like this one also offer CPM value, which is characters per minute. Average typing speed In

That's the amount od characters you can write in one minute.

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