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After a reasonable period of time, you should hopefully finish and find that you are back where you started, now with pieces of rail, you want to now open the chest and take out all of the rails there too you should hopefully find that you have rails in total. Once you have found and mined some iron ore, return to the surface, and head to the area in the tutorial hub which is just past the beacon and on the left hand side, you should pass through the two item frames with anvils in, which in the corner of this area you should see an anvil, crafting table, furnace and chest, in the other corner you should find a villager. Opposite, is an incomplete miner's shelter, which the player is tasked to complete during the tutorial. Catch and cook a fish! TU7-TU11 The tutorial area was a flat plain with sparsely growing grass and flowers. You will want to head back to the area just before the docks, and you should find on your right hand side some steps heading upwards towards an area with some minecarts and track. Once you have got all of your items together what you want to do is head to the animal area, and find the pigs, pop a saddle on a pig by hitting with the saddle in your hand on the pig, you can then sit on the pig by hitting again with an empty hand, what you'll then want to do is get out your carrot on a stick and you'll find you should be able to guide the pig to go wherever you would like it to.

What you then need to do is use the chest trick to get as much iron as you need which should be approximately 9 blocks of iron, to make into 81 iron ingots. However it may be easier to do this on a brand new save, as what you will want to do is head to the area where you can build an iron golem, but what you want to do is hit whenever you are asked about the speciifc tutorial for that specifc area.

The Nether portal can be found at X Y Z, once you get to the Nether portal what you essentially want to do is mine one of the pieces of obsidian out of the portal, but make sure it is a piece that the purple portal is touching, i.

minecraft xbox 360 edition

Open your crafting menu with the table and head to the tab which has a little heart and a little chicken drumstick on it, and find the bread, select it and boom you just baked some bread. The Minecraft logo as it used to appear in the tutorial.

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Now for the tedious part I was able to find sugar cane growing in two places in the tutorial world, at map coordinates; X Y Z and also at X Y and Zfor a cake you will need 2 pieces of sugar cane. Through this exit was a village or a castle TU7 - TU The player won't find the old tutorial areas by mining behind it; they will just reach the end of their world and waste time and tools.

Some of the information no longer applies to the latest version.

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For the next achievement we are going to head to the docks, which is just to the right of the small farming area, down the steps, once there you want to open the chest and take the fishing rod, return back up the steps to the farming area and take a carrot from the chest, and then head to the stables, which are to the left of the farming area.

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Minecraft: Xbox Edition Walkthrough